The Best Objective-C for Windows Alternative

1 - Why Choose Java?

Java is the best Objective-C for Windows alternative

Get a program like Objective-C for Windows

Objective-C for WindowsSearching around for an alternative to Objective-C for Windows? You're in the right place. Java is one of the best Objective-C for Windows alternative programs as far as we know. Java takes up a position in the top Development software list and has been chosen by millions of users. A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) enables a set of computer software programs and data structures to use a virtual machine model for the execution of other computer programs and scripts. The model used by a JVM accepts a form of computer intermediate language commonly referred to as Java bytecode. This language conceptually represents the instruction set of a stack-oriented, capability architecture. Sun Microsystems states there are over 4.5 billion JVM-enabled devices. Java comes with user-friendly interface, stable performance and powerful features. It's definitely an ideal alternative to Objective-C for Windows. Developed by Oracle.

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2 - System Requirements of Java

Operating Systems Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or earlier  
Hardware Requirements Intel or AMD processor, 1GHz or above, 512M memory or above. Intel processor, 1GHz or above, 500M memory or above  
Software Requirements      
Input Formats      
Output Formats      

Table 1: System Requirements of Java alternative to Objective-C

3 - What People Talk about Java

Java works well on Windows

Java is exactly what I want, it's an ideal alternative to Objective-C with similar features.

4 - How to Use Java

Coming up ... There is not a tutorial about how to use Java yet. Please visit Java's home page for more information.

5 - What's Objective-C?

What can Objective-C do for you? It's one of the best Development software. The Objective-C language is a simple computer language designed to enable sophisticated object-oriented programming. Objective-C is defined as a small but powerful set of extensions to the standard ANSI C language. Its a ...